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Upsert form plugin

May 2, 2015
Upsert form plugin

  • Introduction(top)

    The upsert plugin allows you to insert or update a record in a database table other than the form's current table.



    First we want to select which list it is we will be updating:

    • Connection - the fabrik connection
    • List - the fabrik list
    Then we need to state that list's primary key

    • Primary key - the lists primay key
    • Row value - The value for the Primary key element. Leave blank to insert a new row. Can use {placeholders}
    • Values - press this to select how the current form's values are mapped into the update / insert. This opens the following window:

    • Key - the upsert list's field
    • Value - the value to update/insert into the upsert list. This can be a string or a placeholder. In the example above we are inserting the raw data from the current form's street and name elements into the upsert lists city and name fields.
    • Default - If nothing selected for the value or a placeholder returns an empty value, then use this.
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