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Improving the Fabrik Admin interface

Jan 4, 2018
Improving the Fabrik Admin interface
  • Tips for improving the effectiveness of the Fabrik admin interface.

    Compressing the Admin lists(top)

    If you would like to see more elements or groups etc. on your screen in the Fabrik Admin lists, then with a small tweak to the CSS, some of the white-space between rows can be removed.

    Code (CSS):
    /* Make admin lists more compact */
    .table th,
    .table td {
      padding: 1px 8px;

    input[type="checkbox"] {
        margin: 0;
        *margin-top: 0;
        margin-top: 1px \9;
    Since we should not be making changes to the template's main css file (because these will be overwritten in a Joomla upgrade), these should ideally be put into a custom.css for your admin template. Thanks to a Joomla user the standard ISIS and Hathor templates now provide this. For earlier versions these templates do call a language-specific css file which you can use to store these changes. So, for example, if your own language is en-GB, then create an en-GB.css file in administrator/language/en-GB.