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Create a Search Form

Feb 12, 2021
Create a Search Form
  • How to build a search form that will filter the data of a list by the values entered in the form:
    • Create a new form
      • Set "Record in database" = NO (in Form processing)
      • Save (+Save & Close with Content type = Default)
    • Copy over the list's elements you want to use for searching
      • In "Elements" filter for the form/groups belonging to your list
      • Select (checkbox) the elements you want to copy, click "Copy"
      • In "Copy to group" select your searchform group, "Save"
    • In "Elements" filter for your searchform group
      • Edit (unlink) and adapt all elements
        • you can unpublish or trash id and date_time (and empty trash)
        • for all elements you want to use: make sure they are visible to the user and/or have correct default values
        • check validations (e.g. "isunique value" doesn't make sense and will throw a MySQL error)
    • Edit your searchform
      • add a "redirect" plugin
        • Jump page: insert the link to your list you want to filter
          • Code (Text):
          • Replace X with List ID
        • Set "Use as search data"=Yes
        • Alternative: Set "Use as search data"=No and use a query string in the Jump page URL (see http://fabrikar.com/forums/index.php?wiki/filtering-lists-tables/)
      • edit the "Save" button text
    • Create a menu item pointing to your search form
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