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Using placeholder in repeated group element

Discussion in 'Community' started by marcelf, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. marcelf

    marcelf Member

    Level: Community
    Hi all,

    I have a list with a repetable group and I need to do an calculation using
    elements of repetable group.

    But when I use {tablename_repeat_element} I get an array with all repetable group rows.

    Is there somethig that I can do to get the value of element and process it in the calc element by each row ?

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  2. lousyfool

    lousyfool Well-Known Member

    Level: Community
    As in "calc element"? Then take a look at http://fabrikar.com/forums/index.php?wiki/calculation-element/#accessing-data
    There and further below on the page are hints on what you seem to mean, including the good old print_r() to see what you're having in an array such as $data.
    This way or another, it's up to you to write your code so you get what you need. E.g., you might need to loop through the array... but only you know... we can't...

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