We are happy to announce that Fabrik 3.5.2 is now available for download and includes New Features, Enhancements, and Fixes.

Fabrik 3.5.2 Highlights:

  • Stripe Payment Form Plugin added
  • Bootstrap 3 field sizes added to Fields
  • CSV Import Improvements, such as date handling
  • Enhanced juser Form Plugin with Reset Password capabilities
  • Added better Security to SQL Updates and Element Filters
  • PDF Paper Size and Orientation now controllable with Query String Arguments in Links
  • Link List Plugin to add a Button Icon which a Opens Configurable Link
  • More features built into the jstore Plugin, such as Vendors and ACL support
  • Debug features added to the email Form Plugin
  • Filters and Bootstrap Lists now can be used in PDF output
  • PDF outputs adhere to Joomla! ACL
  • Icons now used instead of Images, and Custom Fields still Available
  • Map Visualization additions such as Auto Center option and New Geolocation Marker that Moves as it Tracks Changes
  • MailChimp Plugin updated and supports Unsubscribing now
  • Fileupload delete fixed in IE and Edge
  • Updated AltaUserPoints Plugin to work with new fork of AUP
  • Mulitpage Form reset button now clears session
  • Improvements on various JS Events and Conditions
  • Fixes to Community Builder Plugin for new Version Compatibility
  • Added URL Scheme checking on YouTube Element
  • MySQL multi-version Compatibility Improvements
  • Joomla! 3.6.5 Compatibility Improvements
  • More PHP 7 Compatibility Improvements

To see all changes, visit the Fabrik Github commit page.

We official went over 10k commits since the last release, thank you if you were one of the community members that made contributions! And, as always, thank you to Hugh for his tireless work on the forum and continuous improvements and fixes.

As with any Joomla! extension update, please remember to backup and test your backup before proceeding with the update. Please report any problems you might experience with this new version on our forums.

We encourage you to join the community and Build Something Awesome!