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Order list plugin

Feb 2, 2017
Order list plugin
  • This plugin allows a user with correct access level to re-sequence the order that records are displayed in a list by dragging and dropping rows.

    Download the "Fabrik List - Order" Plug-in and activate the Plug-in in Joomla backend. Next you will need to create a field with your list, that will keep the ordering. You may then add the Plug-in with your Fabrik list and point to the column that is responsible for ordering.

    edit list -> Plug-ins (add Fabrik List - Order)

    Settings (top)


    • Access - Which user viewing level can use the plugin
    • Order element - Which element contains the order value. This will most likely be a hidden field element set to be an integer
    • Order element as handle - Should just the order element be used as a drag handle (yes) or should the entire row act as a drag handle (no)
    For this plugin to work your list must be ordered by the 'order element' and if the list is ordered by multiple elements, this 'order element' must be the first one(the 'order by' elements list has to begin with this element). The other 'order by' elements would have then impact only if they are in joined repeated groups - then the list's main data would be ordered by the 'Order element', the data inside the repeated groups by their 'order by' elements.

    Example (top)

    Below is an image of the user selecting and dragging to reorder the records.

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