Website FAQ section

If you have a question about the Fabrik site itself, be that how to upgrade your account, or cancel a subscription, I would like to remind you that the site does have a FAQ section that contains a series of answers to some of the most common responses we tend to give people about the site. I've just added a new FAQ today entitled "Why don't you answer my support questions by PM/Email?"


Hugh hits the 3000 posts mark!

Hugh before his coffee in the morning! Well Hugh 'support gopher' is quiet something - today he posted his 3000th post, thats a staggering 9.34 posts a day!

I'm sure everyone, with me at the forefront, who has had their questions answered, bugs fixed and ribs tickled would like to sincerely thank Hugh for the amazing effort he has put in since joining these forums.


Fabrik 2.0 beta 2 out

As some of the more avid/observant/down right obsessed of you might have noticed I've added a Fabrik 2 beta 2 release to the downloads section.

This release addresses a lot of the bugs that have been reported since the first beta was released. I would really like to thank all the community that spent time testing and reporting these issues back to us, your feedback has been invaluable!

You should be able to install Fabrik 2 beta 2 without having to uninstall the previous version. Simply copying the files over will not be sufficient as a new database table has been added, which is created in the install/upgrade process

Download Fabrik 2 beta 2


Form pagination in Fabrik 2.0 (SVN)

Form paginating can be a powerful way to split long forms into smaller sections, making what might have been a daunting and off-putting process more user friendly. This feature has been lacking in Fabrik, well there were hacks to get it working, but they tended to be difficult to implement and prone to error. As of today, in Fabrik 2.0's SVN, there is a simple way to create form's that span over multiple pages. Below I'm going to outline how this feature works: Right - here goes.... First of all update from the SVN Now lets party..... For each extra page you want in your form create a new group (e.g. called page2, page3). You should now see a new parameter on the add group page called 'Page break' - select 'yes' for each of your new groups. Move your elements, or create new elements into each of the pages. When loading the form you should now see:
  • Only the elements contained within the first group
  • A next, previous and submit button (previous and submit greyed out)
Clicking on the next button will take you to the next group Any validations in the form are preformed via AJAX each time you go from one page to another. (This is regardless of what settings you have for your form's Ajax validation" option.) Note that you can have more than one group on a page, the page break occurs only for those groups with the 'Page break' option turned on.


Welcome to the new site!

After having moved the forums over to VBulletin a couple of weeks ago, its now the turn of the main site to get a face lift. The Homepage has been redesigned in a more effective structure. After the top menu you have a couple of calls to action, downloading the latest stable version of Fabrik and subscribing. The next five columns aim to give new visitors a better understanding of what Fabrik can do, along with links through to a entirely new features section. Finally at the bottom there are a series of 'shortcut' links that frequent visitors will find useful, including links to the latest forum posts and blog posts. Speaking of the blog, we are now using joomlify's Mojo Blog, which is based on Wordpress, please subscribe to keep up to date with the latest Fabrik news. We have also released two new versions of Fabrik: Fabrik Released Download Fabrik This minor update fixes several small issues, especially those regarding errors that some people encountered with the new blowfish encryption issues. Additionally:
  • Your form's "email from" field can now use the format "Name <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>"
  • Collected checkbox, radio button and drop down data are now no longer separated with a comma, allowing these elements to contain commas in their values
  • The file upload element can now resize the main image as well as the thumbnail image
  • The file upload element will now playback swf, mov, and mp4 files when viewed in the form/detailed view
  • Fixed a bug in IE7 where only one Javascript event could be attached to an element
Fabrik 2.0 beta Released Donwload Fabrik 2.0b Finally we feel confident about releasing a beta of Fabrik 2. This release has been over a year in the making, and is a complete rewrite of the code base making it fully native to Joomla 1.5. There are so many new features in Fabrik 2 that its hard to know where to start! Possibly the most fundamental change is that we have implemented a plug-in architecture through out Fabrik. Plug-ins can be installed from within Fabrik's administration and allows for a variety of plug-in types:
  • Element plug-ins: add new element types to your forms! We are working on several neat plug-ins that will be released including a colour picker, captcha, Google map and rating elements.
  • Form plug-ins: All the previous email, PHP processing and receipt options have been moved into plug-ins.
  • Table plug-ins: No table plug-ins have yet to be implemented .. watch this space for further news about table plug-ins
  • Visualization plug-ins: Take data from several tables and create Google Maps, charts and calendars
  • Validation plug-ins: Create custom php validations of your form's data
We also have started work on 'packages' which allow you to show several tables and form on one page, and for loading and submission of data via Ajax. This part is still very much in beta, but gives a hint of what will be possible with the final Fabrik 2.0 release I would like to thank everyone who has so far helped reporting bug's especially Terp who has reported them thick and fast over the last couple of months. To make Fabrik 2 as stable as possible we need your feedback, please read this posts before posting in the Fabrik 2.0 bug report forum


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