Joomla Day South Africa - Fabrik presentation

Here are the slides for the Fabrik presentation I made last weekend for Joomla Day South Africa. Underneath should also be a copy of the talk I gave as well.


Joomla Day South Africa

I will be doing a one hour presentation at Joomla Day South Africa this Saturday. Also speaking are Ryan Demmer of JCE fame, who will be discussing 'Commercial Extensions, a business model' and Brendon Hatcher who will be doing two talks on incremental templating and security issues. I'll be covering the basics of how Fabrik works, along with a preview of some of the new features upcoming in Fabrik 2.0. Unfortunately, for me, I'll be doing the presentation via Skype so will miss out on visiting Cape Town - perhaps next year I can go in person!


Website FAQ section

If you have a question about the Fabrik site itself, be that how to upgrade your account, or cancel a subscription, I would like to remind you that the site does have a FAQ section that contains a series of answers to some of the most common responses we tend to give people about the site. I've just added a new FAQ today entitled "Why don't you answer my support questions by PM/Email?"


Hugh hits the 3000 posts mark!

Hugh before his coffee in the morning! Well Hugh 'support gopher' is quiet something - today he posted his 3000th post, thats a staggering 9.34 posts a day!

I'm sure everyone, with me at the forefront, who has had their questions answered, bugs fixed and ribs tickled would like to sincerely thank Hugh for the amazing effort he has put in since joining these forums.


Fabrik 2.0 beta 2 out

As some of the more avid/observant/down right obsessed of you might have noticed I've added a Fabrik 2 beta 2 release to the downloads section.

This release addresses a lot of the bugs that have been reported since the first beta was released. I would really like to thank all the community that spent time testing and reporting these issues back to us, your feedback has been invaluable!

You should be able to install Fabrik 2 beta 2 without having to uninstall the previous version. Simply copying the files over will not be sufficient as a new database table has been added, which is created in the install/upgrade process

Download Fabrik 2 beta 2


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